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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dwarven Honor Guard for Fantasy AGE RPG

I'm going to work on a few racial Talents.
"Even if the whole world was to take arms against my house, I will stand against the world".

Dwarven Honor Guard
This talent can be exchanged for a level one starting talent. You once served or currently serve in the guard detail of one of the great Dwarven houses.

Requirement: Dwarf, fighting 2, weapon group Bludgeon.

Novice: You are specially trained to react to danger, gain the Focus Dexterity (initiative).
Journeyman: Honor guard are specialzed  fighters with hammers. You inflict +2 damage with hammers.
Master: Reacting to danger becomes second nature to veteran honor guard. Seize initiative stunt costs 2 rather than 4.

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