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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trading damage, Cypher system

While reading through the Cypher system book I ran across the optional rules for trading damage for effect. Although I read over it in the other two Cypher core books it didn't really stick with me, maybe because back then I was still getting the rules down.

This rule is so in my wheelhouse it is not funny. The fact that I've run so much of The strange without even using this rule is ridiculous.

I'm a big fan of stunts in combat. The problem is in most games things like disarming an opponent or knocking them back increases difficulty to hit. It's a hit+stunt or miss completely kind of deal. Most times players missing a few times discourages further use of stunts.

In the Cypher system you buy stunts with damage. That in itself is cool, but if you also take into account that effort can be spent to add damage.  You have a way to purchase stunts with effort. If I wasn't already a huge cypher system fan those would have done it for me.

Now, to add more stunts....

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