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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Immortal, Descriptor (Cypher system)

You do not age normally. You and your kind walk the earth blending into humanity, Fighting a secret war. When you would die instead you reawaken in 1d6/2 hours. The only way for true death is for your body to be completely destroyed or head should be removed.

You start the game with one bladed weapon of your choice. You are trained in it.

Adaptability:+2 to any one pool.

Skill: being long lived you can often recall long forgotten skills. Gain the ability flashback (2 Intellect) gain a temporary trained level in any one skill, lasts a half of an hour.

Skill: being long lived you have faced and over come a great many obstacles in your life already to become as old as you are. Trained in speed defense.

Sensing others like you: you have the ability to sense the approch of other immortals. You know one is near when the come within their level/tier times 4 yards.

Enemies: being both hunter and prey has made you untrusting and paranoid.

Link to adventure:
1. One party member saved your life against another immoral. You owe them.

2. You swore ages ago to protect a good friend. One party member is her descendant.

3. You feel drawn to members or even the whole party. Being around them reminds you of your family.

4. You feel a connection to one or more member of the party, being around them helps you hold on to your humanity.

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  1. Yay for keeping Highlander RPG love alive! I am a huge fan of the series, the books, the ccg, and any unofficial or derivative rpg


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