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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cypher system core rules book

I've now had a few weeks to pour over the Cypher system core rule book. And man is it pushing all the right buttons.

I saw a few comments before it came out that said "I've got Numenera and The strange, do I really need another core book?" Since I have almost everything for the Cypher system it did make me wonder. Do I need it?

What makes this book stand out is all the little touches. The optional rules found in the genera sections to help you better replicate the feel you want from different styles of games.

Optional rules like insight that help to find clues without rolling in mystery based games. Rules like madness and shock for dealing with horror. As well as power shifts to replicate superheroes amazing abilities beyond just lumping on more powers.

Another option that stands out to me is flavores. Along with you're blank blank who blanks. You can add a flavor and add "with".

So your clever explorer who looks for trouble. Can now be a clever explorer who looks for trouble with magic. Adding a theme to your focus. I love everything about this.

I'm more than happy with my PDF purchase, which I almost never just get the PDF without also getting the book. But I just couldn't wait. Now I'm that much more exited to get the book in hand.

1 comment:

  1. I'm set to get my copy tomorrow. I can't wait. :)


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