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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Mastermind (Amazing Adventures) New class

 After doing the d20 modern to Amazing Adventures conversion I realized the Smart Hero is almost perfect for my Mastermind class for Amazing Adventures.

The Mastermind
Prime: Intelligence.
HD: D6

 Insight: (Wis) Apron studying a target for at least one round and making a successful insight roll the character can make use of the power of deduction. This will give the character some general info about the target. This could be psychological or simply physical. Like notice the type of mud on boots or that missing cufflink.

Exploit Weakness:(Wis) After the first round of combat the Smart hero can make an Wisdom roll to notice an enemies weakness. If successful the Smart hero can use Intelligence adj to attack rolls for the rest of the combat.

Savant:(Int) After spending a full round watching some one perform a skill the Smart hero can make an Int roll, if successful the smart hero can add +2 to the next use of the same skill.

Plan: (Int) Before entering combat or a dramatic situation the smart hero can make a plan. The smart hero makes an intelligence roll. If successful all allies get a circumstance bonus equal to the Smart heroes Int Adj. For a number of rounds equal to the Smart Heroes level.

 Level HD    BtH    EPP
1         6 HP    0         0
2         d6       +1     2,601
3         d6       +1     5,201
4         d6       +1    10,401
5         d6       +1    20,801
6         d6       +2    42,501
7         d6       +2    85,001
8         d6       +2    170,001
9         d6       +2    340,001
10       d6        +3   500,001
11       +3 HP  +3   750,001
12       +3 HP  +3  1,000,001
13+     +3 HP   *   +250,000
* +1 per level

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