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Monday, October 1, 2012

Palladium RPG, Exceptionaly Attributes.

I have seen it posted a few times in different places that people dislike the exceptional attribute rule from Palladium books.

The rule is if you roll a 16-18 you roll an additional d6 and add it to the attribute. If you roll a 6, roll the d6 again. and add it again.

The supportive problem is that you can never get a 16 as an attribute. Since 16 is the lowest attribute that gets any bonuses I have trouble seeing players complaining about this.

My easy fix for this is roll a d6, But count 6 as a 0. So you are rolling a d5 with a 0 on it. If you roll a 5 roll the die again and add it. If you roll a 0 the attribute stays as is. That is it.


  1. You can get a 16, just not when you initially roll your attributes. Skill selections can adjust your attributes up and down after the fact making it possible to end up with a 16.

  2. I know that. And I've seen it before. But I've seen that complaint so many time. Just had to post this, Made me feel better at least. Although I know full well people will keep posting it, as proof of how broken Palladium is. lol


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