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Monday, October 1, 2012

Heroes Unlimited (palladium Books)

Heroes Unlimited
I have been looking through the Heroes Unlimited book by Palladium books. Its pretty amazing in so many ways. For one it is classless. Instead it has archetypes. The book is 352 pages and is nothing but character creation info. It is chock full of options for characters. It covers a ton of ground. Just about any kind of hero you can imagine. From super training, psioncs, Magic, cyborgs, Mutants, and even robot characters. As well as many many other archetypes.

This version of the book is revised second edition. The whole layout of the book is cleaned up and rearranged from the previous edition. Its got to be the easiest and cleanest main book of any Palladium game.

I would say this could easily be a main book for a lot of other styles of games. You could make cyberpunk characters with this book. You could make any form of modern fantasy characters with this book.

This book could also be a book of options for any other Palladium games. Since the setting is an SDC setting its easily compatible with all of them. It could also be used for your own conversion, from MDC to SDC since a lot of the cyberware and magic is SDC version of Rifts ones.

This could easily be one of the most useful Palladium books for character creation options. As well as an amazing book for making super heroes.

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