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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Future warrior: Urban recon. (Mini-Six)

I had the Idea for a while to do a modern day or near future warrior game. Ghost recon meets cyberpunk, With a little judge dread thrown in. I decided to use Mini-six to do the write up for it. First off the setting.

In the new future there is only urban sprawl. Miles of concrete and steel. The corporate zones are clean, sanitized and secure. The rest of the cities are near lawless. The Peace keeping forces work as damage control more than police force.The setting is gritty and dirty.

 Character creation:
You are members of an elite urban assault force (E.U.A.F.). Characters are not supermen in this setting. They are very skilled. Characters start with all attributes of 2D. Players get 9pips to spread among all their attributes. With no more than 3D+2 in any one attribute. Characters get 15 skill die to assign. Max is 6D in any one skill.

Might: Brawling, Club, Knife, Lift, Stamina, and Sword.
Agility: Athletics, Bow, Dodge, Drive, Pickpocket, Pilot, Pistol, Rifle, Stealth, And Throwing.
Wits: Computer, history, Language, Medicine, Navigation, Repair, Science, Security, And Tracking.
Charm: Command, Diplomacy, Persuasion, And Streetwise. 

E.U.A.F. Gear.

Double eagle .45 1911 pistol. This gun is a classic. Super reliable and still in widespread use. 4D 30/100/300.

The Talon Mp5-2020 .45 SMG/Carbine. Based on the original H&K this SMG/Carbine is changed to a .45 to be a heavy hitter. 5D 100/250/450.
The Blade "boom Stick" 12g shotgun. This weapon is very versatile. With four loads available.
- Buck Shot: (damage based on range) Damage: 4D+2/4D/3D  Range:50/150/400 To hit +2/+1D/-2D
   +2D to all armor rolls against buckshot.
- Slug:  4D+2 40/150/400
- Gas grenade: Every one with in 6' of the impact zone must make a might check VS 18 or take a -1D to
  their next action. Multiple impacts stack up to a -2D.
- Sabot, buster: This round is a mini rocket. Often used to blast open doors and entry. It is very inaccurate  beyond mid range. Damage based on distance from impact. (6' around impact) 6D 50/100/ 200.  with in 12' 4D. To hit: +1D/N/-2D.

The combat wakizashi is the preferred melee weapon carried. +2D+2

Two tools that often see their way into melee combat is the chain fist entry tool and the wrist plasma torch entry tool. Both were created for fast and powerful entry weapons. Rarely is both tools carried by a single agent. The chain fist is a fierce melee weapon +3D. While the plasma cutter is rather fragile and is deadly but is not easy to wield with any real force 3D but cuts through armor quickly.

E.U.A.F. Battle Armor.
The armor gives a full body +10 Armor Value. With +12 to the head. It has a two way com radio. A bio monitor with trauma drugs set to inject on need. +2D to resist system shock. HUD display linked to command. Hearing enhanced as well as light enhancing visor linked to helmet. 1/2 all penalties for low light.


  1. It doesn't look like you need the encouragement, but I love both Mini Six & your campaign concept. I'm pretty excited to see more posts on this.


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