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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

12 dozen ronin company (Mini-Six)

Here is a new class/Archetype for my Cyberjack or Future warrior settings.

For Cyberjack use the Heroic scale 14D to attributes. Any attribute above 4 needs an explanation (cyberware ect.). For Future warrior characters start with all attributes of 2D. Players get 9pips to spread among all their attributes. With no more than 3D+2 in any one attribute. Characters get 15 skill die to assign. Max is 6D in any one skill.
 12 Dozen Ronin Company

The 12 dozen ronin company is a world renown mercenary company. Soldiers of fortune and sell swords. These mercs are augmented and well equipped. Willing to do everything from body guard to deniable assets are on the menu. They reserve the right do deny any contract. But once a price and objective is agreed on these warriors are bound to the job till its completion.

When a new initiate is taken on he is given very basic low level jobs to prove his worth. Often these are deniable asset or low priority security details. Once a initiate has proven his worth he is offered a contract. These contracts are tailored to the individual. With payment in the way of a sign on bonus, a monthly salary and  Augmentations.Contract are offered 4 years at a time. Once a contract is signed the initiate is given the title of warrior.

Warriors are assigned jobs. Often in groups chosen by the company or prepaid battle groups by region. Jobs may last a night, a week or even for the full length of a contract. It is not unheard of for a warrior to be assigned to a body guard or security detail to the length of their contract.

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