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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Combat Damage Options in Mini Six (D6 system)

A while back I posted on the Idea of separating lethal and stun damage in Mini Six (Or any D6 system). Which can be found here. Today another option hit me. There is two ways of handling damage in combat in D6. One is body points (basically hit points) and the other is wound track (a damage track system).

My idea is using both systems instead of choosing one system over the other. For most attacks that would normally only go to the first damage track level, these attacks would instead be taken off your body points. Once a characters body points are gone all attacks go to the wound track as usual.  Any attack powerful enough to go to the second wound track at level two or higher bypass body points and go to wound track as normal.

This option keeps minor wounds from kicking off the death spiral of a damage track. But gets rid of the hit point feel that may complain about. That characters are just fine till they loose that last hit point.

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