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Monday, October 25, 2010

Some custom C&C classes.

Ok these two are not all that custom. They are just reworking of existing classes to get some more variety.

First up the priest.

While the Cleric is a divine caster and warrior, I want the priest to be just a divine caster. So I'm using the Wizards as a template. The priests HD, BtH, EPP, and spells per day will be that of the wizard. Rather than have bonus spells the priest can Turn undead like a cleric of the same level. Also instead of casting wizard spells the priest casts clerical divine spells. The priests weapon selection is that of the cleric, Armor is the same as the wizard, none.

Next up, The Warden.

A Warden is a warrior priest in the druidic order. For this I am using the cleric as a template. But rather than Divine spells the Warden casts Druitic spells.their HD, BtH, and EEP are all those of a cleric. Weapon sellection is that of a cleric. Wardens may wear padded, leather, Hide, and studded leather. Wardens can use Wooden shields of any size. Wardens get woodland stride and resist elements as a druid of the same level.
At level 10 the Warden gets  totem shape as if it was a level 6 Druid.

The warden is a reworked idea from 4E. By no means was I trying to reproduce it from 4E. Just replicate the class type for my own game.

More to come.

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