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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

S&W and C&C Saves and other options.

Please excuse me if this makes a tasty hamburger out of your sacred cow. But As I've said before I didn't grow up playing original D&D. I did start in the hobby by playing 1E AD&D, But I have no sacred cows. I play Swords & Wizardry and Castles & Crusades because I like rules-lite and easy to tinker and customize to taste systems. I do not see my self as part of the OSR or any other sub-faction of the old school movement. I actually really like 4E D&D, I just don't feel its right for my current tastes in a games.

I really like the idea of the three saves as target numbers from 4E D&D. I don't see any reason I could not incorporate them into S&W or C&C. Or any other game for that reason. I think the one save rule of S&W is pretty genius. But Doesn't always fit in my opinion. And Having the three saves for C&C doesn't have to replace the siege or the current save system. For example dodging the effects of a trap is still a trap save. But if a giant is throwing a rock he needs to roll against your Reflexe.

Adding feats to C&C. One of the major turn offs for me about 3E D&D was feat bloat. Just too many. So I love the idea of using "talents" which are feats renamed. I like the idea of getting one at first and one additional every 3 to 5 levels. Giving a few talents to customize the character to taste.


  1. Sacred cows are bugbears. I keep thinking of running Pathfinder without Feats. IMHO, Pathfinder isn't that different from 2E without Feats. Keep us posted on what you work up. I've also looked at expanding the Save progression from 3.x to replace the SIEGE engine. 2 or 3 Attributes would have Good Saves, depending on Race. The rest would be Poor Saves.

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  3. That could be interesting. Keep me undated on your work in this area. Might be interesting to give good save based on prime attribute in C&C.

    one thing I really like about using C&C as a base is its got enough in common to be compatible with all D&D/AD&D editions.


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