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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Castles & Crusades, Optional rules.

The more I think about it I really like the Idea of adding the three saves from 3E. Im not sure yet if I want to make the saves target numbers like they are in 4E. If I do I might keep the C&C saves just as they are. Im still rolling this option around in my head.

On the idea of using feats. were one reason I didn't like 3E much. Feat bloat made the game more complex than I prefer at higher levels. And most power gaming I saw with 3E was through the use of feats. So I don't tread on this idea lightly. I'm thinking about only allowing a few, one or two at most. I ran across an house rule for C&C using "talents" which are just feats renamed. It suggested one at first and another every three levels.
Even that seems a bit much for my taste. I'm now thinking about allowing one talent at level 2, one at level 6, and the last at level 12. I think three is enough to add flavor and customization. Not enough to totally overload my game.

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