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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Demon, Soldier Brute. Fantasy AGE RPG

Lumbering brutes who stand head and shoulders above the average demon soldiers. Often sent in small groups to soften up a defensive line or fortifications.

2 Accuracy (Brawling)
0 Communication 
7 Constitution (Stamina)
0 Dexterity 
4 Fighting (Bludgeon)
2 Intelligence
0 Perception
8 Strength (Intimidation, Might)
1 Will power (Courage)

Speed 10
Health 60
Defense 10
Armor Rating 6

Punch +4.       1d6+8
2h Maul +6.    2d6+11

Armor hide: abnormally thick hide. Magically infused, projects against attack that normally bypass armor.

Fist and Stomp: brutes are known for their superhuman strength. When not using a huge two handed maul they smash everything in their path with their fists.

Darkvision: Brute demons can see perfectly in total darkness.

Favored stunt: Mighty blow.


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