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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Capt. Adrian (Hawk) Martel, Cortex Prime

Capt. Hawk is the leader of the newly formed spear's edge, Eco squad. After promoting his way up the elite and prestigious first company he was hand picked by General Sans to lead this newly formed spearhead unit.

Physical D6
Social D10
Mental D8

Keeping it frosty
Pack leader
"Don't believe everything you read kid".
"I'm not here to be your buddy"
D4(+1pp) or D8 

Aim D10
Athletics D6
Dodge D6
Pilot D8
Fighting D10
Notice D12
Bluff D6
Command D6
Cool D10
Knowledge D6

Twin Paladin auto pistols D8
* SFX Two for the price of one, keep a second  effects die, the second die is applies to a second nearby target.
* SFX In my crosshairs, step up an Aim die.
* Flaw pistols ran out of ammo, 1 turn to reload.
* Flaw pistol jams, this power can't be used til the gun is repaired, step up the next use of fighting skill.

Listen up knuckleheads D8
* SFX give command, after using Notice skill in an action, step up one skill die of a soldier under his command used in the same round.
* flaw Make the wrong call, 1pp to another player who agrees, step down any one die in their next roll. They choose and describe it's effect.

Lobo x-1 body armor d10
* SFX sealed system environmental reaction system, step up for environmental resist rolls. Lasts until danger is over.
* SFX Sensor sweep, step up notice die.
* Flaw the armor takes damage gain 1pp to step back armor die until repaired. (Can be reduced more than once).


  1. I may have missed something, but what system is this for? It looks cool!


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