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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Arcane Adept, Fantasy AGE.

Arcane Adept
Classes: Rogue, warrior.
Requirement: Willpower 2. Unusual background.

You know how to use some magic, either from a small amount of training or heritage.

Novice:You have a small pool of magic points equal to 5+willpower+1d6. Choose an Arcana, you gain the novice level spells of that arcana. You do not have access to spell stunts.
Journeyman: your insight into magic increases. Gain Willpower+1d6 magic points and gain access to Powerful casting, Skillful casting, and Mighty casting spell stunts.
Master: your ability in magic increases. Gain Willpower in magic points. Gain the Journeyman level spells in the arcana you chose already.

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