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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cyberpunk using Palladium rpgs (Rifts and Heroes Unlimited)

I was reading through the Rifts bionics source book. The section on city rat O.O.C.s got me thinking about more gaming in an urban sprawl. Using the city rat O.O.C.s and a few from Rifts, like man hunter could make for some great cyberpunk gaming. Great for very street level games. With O.O.C.s like the juicers and Borgs as higher power level game play.

I think using the O.O.C.s from rifts and cybernetics and bionics from Heroes Unlimited Could make a very sweet baseline S.D.C. based rules. Heroes Unlimited could also be tapped for magic or psionics (for some shadowrun) If you wanted as well.

I personally would not use Maga-Damage for small arms. I would only use Maga-Damage for vehicle or large scale weapons. If at all.

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