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Sunday, July 10, 2011

vɑ̃piʀ (C&C monster)

Vɑ̃piʀ are Creatures of the night. They hunt the shadows and dark alleys of most major cities. Like their vampire cousins they live on the blood of other humanoids. Many also enjoy the flesh as well. While vampires cling to some semblance of their human lives, vɑ̃piʀ do not. They are instinctual hunters who use the sewers and dark ally ways of over crowded human cities as private game reserves. Although animalistic, thay are smart enough to pick off those that will not be missed. Or find ways of disposing bodies in a way that can be explained as natural or at least not supernatural.

SIZE: Medium     INT: Average
HD: 8 (d12)      ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
MOVE: 60 ft., TYPE: Undead (Unique)
30 ft. (climb, Wall walk)     TREASURE: 8
AC: 20         XP: 1885+8
ATTACKS: Slam (1d6)
SPECIAL: Blood Drain, Damage Resistance (DR:1),
Spider Climb,

vɑ̃piʀ are incredibly fast runners. They can also climb and wall walk (as spider climb) on any surface.

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