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Saturday, July 16, 2011


How could I not like ICONS.
I'm a huge FUDGE and FATE fan. Have been since about 1996 when I first ran across an older copy of FUDGE online. Being a huge Dresden files fan doesn't hurt since evil hat productions used FATE for the dresden files game.

Icons is a simple but elegant little system that is really more akin to FUDGE with out words for values than it is FATE. and really doesn't use aspects at all, Which is really what makes FATE different from FUDGE.

Icons uses a style that is very loose and lite on rules. Its also has a style about it that reminds me of the old marvel universe RPG.

The one and only thing about ICONS I find weird is rolling 2D6 and subtracting one from the other. In a of FUDGE and FATE books there are a lot of alternate dice techniques. I think the 1D6 - 1D6 method is my least favorite. Although that doesn't really concern me since I have FUDGE dice.

A lot of what I see for ICONS looks good. But nothing grabbed my attention more than the work being done by Vigilance Press.  
Pulp inspired WWII and Cold war era supers. Yes please!!!!!
Any game that lets me kill Zombie Nazis is a +1 in my book.


  1. Hey thanks for the kind words.

  2. Ronin, I am continuously intrigued and desire to get into a game based on any number of scenarios in any number of formats. Let's get one going, even if it's a test run of some stuff one on one or a three person Plato's run of mayhem!



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