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Sunday, July 10, 2011

C&C Advancement (Level)

One thing I really like about 3.0/3.5 was the ease of multi-classing. To do so you pretty much need a single level progression for all classes. There are one or two different options for multi-classing in C&C, none of them have the ease of 3.0/3.5 multi-classing. Once again the beauty of C&C is that its math is based on the d20 system and is easily ported over. I thought I would use pathfinders progression for an example. Pathfinder offers three different progression speeds. slow, medium, and fast. So you can set the pace of your game.

Level     Slow     Medium     Fast
1st           —           —           —
2nd        3,000     2,000       1,300
3rd        7,500     5,000        3,300
4th        14,000    9,000       6,000
5th        23,000   15,000     10,000
6th        35,000    23,000    15,000
7th        53,000    35,000    23,000
8th        77,000    51,000    34,000
9th      115,000     75,000   50,000
10th     160,000  105,000   71,000

The other option for this is to use the System laid out in True20. Which is there is no system in True20. In that system the GM just decides when you level. He looks at your accomplishments and tells you when you have reached the next level. As a group, or individually. Many gamers have a knee jerk reaction to not like this option. But I really think its great. Since the GM decided when you earn Experience any way it just knows down the pretense that leveling is some how up to the system and not the GM.

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