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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tattoo Magic (Basic fantasy)

Tattoo magic is expensive and rare. Even in the southlands where it's more prevalent, finding a skilled Tattooist is no simple task.

Having a magic tattoo inscribed into your flesh cost 200g times the level of the spell. the tattoo takes one half hour per level to inscribe, and can't be used until it is healed for at least 2 days. No one can have a magical tattoo higher level than their own level. Inscribed can only have a number of tattoos equal to their own level -1.Magical tattoos act differently on magic users and non-magic users.

Magic users use of magic tattoos is easy. A magic user can burn any prepared spell of the spell inscribed level or higher to cast the inscribed spell.

All other classes have to rely on the magic stored in the tattoo. Once the spell is cast the tattoo is inert until the next day.

All magical tattoos can be powered by the inscribed persons life force. Any time a magical tattoo is cast the inscribed person can give up hit points equal to the spells level to cast it.

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