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Monday, March 28, 2016

Royal guards of the Fae nobility (Basic Fantasy)

Those who sacrifice themselves for their kin. Those who protect the true bloods. Ageless and faceless they stand. Trading self for service. without will of self, without question, and without fear. 

AC: 17
HD: 6
# of Att 2
Damage: 1D8+2/1D8+2
# appearing: D4+1 patrol/guards, 2D6+2 Royal ecort.
Save: as 10th level Cleric
Treasure: None
XP: 600

Infused with Wylder magic the stalwart and stoic guardians are the guardians of the Royal bloodlines.
Some say its a mark of honor to be accepted as a guardian. Other wispier that the honorably fallen fill the ranks of the guardians. Only the Oath keepers know who they really are. All know they are a force of nature in battle.

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