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Friday, July 31, 2015

Hand of fate, specialization (Age system)

I've seen a few posts about being able to "save" or "hold" stunt ponts for later. It got me thinking. This was one idea that popped into my head.

Hand of fate/Chosen one

Novice: reroll any one failed spell save. You must keep the second roll.

Journeyman: Gain the hand of fate stunt.

Master: The hand of fate stunt now cost 4 rather than 5.

Stunt: Hand of fate
5 : gain a hero token, heroes can only have one hero token and can't stock pile them.

Any time a hero can spend his hero token to make a reroll, the hero must keep the second roll.

During the heroes turn the hero token can be exchanged for 4 stunt points. These points cannot be combined with other points gained and replace any stunt points rolled for this turn.

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