Monday, June 22, 2015

Undead Bane sword of the Black Templars (Cypher System)

This is just an example magic sword for a fantasy one shot I plan to run (low magic/Horror) with the Cypher system. Thought I would share some of my notes.

These swords were crafted for the knight of the black temple, during the third age. In those days the Black temple knights were charged with defense against all things dead or un-living. With the destruction of the city of Or and ransacking of the armory and Librium there is no account of what has become of these swords. Its believed that the dark lords destroyed or locked away all that remains of these powerful un-dead banes.

Medium Weapon, Priceless, 
Counts as an asset in attacks against undead, 
+1 damage against undead (5 damage)

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