Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AGA ChromeThunder 454-30 (Savage Worlds)

This gun was made famous by Oswald Singer a.k.a. OZ. Very few have been produced, the exact number has never been released.

Chambered in the powerful .454 magnum with a 30mm under grenade launcher. Its like a crack of thunder in every pull of the trigger.
Two very common loads for the 30mm is grenade and shotgun rounds.

.454: 18/30/60, 2d8+1,Rof:1, cost:800, wgt:9, min st: d6, shots:6 AP3.

30mm:(grenade) 10/20/40, 3d6, SBT
30mm:(shotgun) 5/10/20, 1-3d8 min str d10 one handed, d6 two handed.

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