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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hacking Castles and Crusades.

I've been inspired by a great many games. Some leave their mark but for whatever reason fade from my table. Some I get an idea or two from but don't really care for some other aspect of the game. I've done a few house rules posts here and there for C&C. But I think its time I put more into them. make some real hacks for C&C. One reason I haven't is because Troll lord games already did a lot of that in the Castle keepers guide. They tore apart the Siege engine and put it back together again in different ways. They did such an amazing job of it I hate to reinvent the wheel so to speak. At some point I will do just that, But instead of hashing over already covered ground I will propose a few alternate resolution methods to replace the Siege engine.

I've been running a bit of 5E D&D and find a few of its components interesting.With both C&C and 5E being so modular I think a few of these components could easily be used in C&C. So here they are, C&C style.

BOON: This is a mechanic by which players are reworded for good role-playing. They gain a boon as a reward that can be spent at a later time to give themselves and one time re-roll choosing the best of the two rolls. Players can not stock pile boons, they either have a boon or they don't. Players may give other players their boon if they feel the player does something truly 'inspiring'.

Bonus/Penalty roll: Any time a player has a bonus or penalty to a roll +/-3 or greater the GM can call for Bonus or penalty roll instead of imposing the bonus/penalty. Instead the roll is treated as a re-roll. the player re-rolls the dice. If the roll was a penalty roll the player must keep the lower of the two rolls. If the roll was a bonus roll he keeps the greater of the two rolls.

More to come!

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