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Monday, April 29, 2013

BareBones fantasy Mini review (DwD Studios)

 By Larry Moore & Bill Logan

I picked up this game a while ago. I gave it a read and really liked what I saw. After a small hiatus from gaming I picked it up and gave it a  another look over.

 This 82 page book is a full system.While a few more monsters and magical items examples would be nice (and some written adventures sure would not hurt). This book is truly a stand alone game.

There is so much to like here, First of all its a very rules lite percentile system. And if you know me I love percentile system, and favor rules lite systems.

Rather than playing a single class, characters have a skills that represent the skills within a single class. For example the Cleric skill. This skill would be rolled on for all rolls that would be covered by the Clerical training or abilities.

The skills are:

Each skill has a set of sub-skills that each skill covers. For example scout is used for Animal handling, Navigation, Survival, and Tracking.

I find the system to be very elegant. Hard to find a game that can handle so much with such a streamline system. Characters are not pigeon hole'd into strict classes. They still have primary and a secondary class to start they can then grow into the character you want them to become.

On top of everything else there is a random dungeon generator that makes running a dungeon crawl that much easier.

For being less than 100 pages this book covers a lot of ground. Here is a Beginners primer created by  Michael Hansen to help new players navigate their way through the BareBones products.

I have made the comment that I don't need another fantasy roleplaying game. For BareBones I think I have to make the exception. 

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