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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Palladium system is old school

I was flipping through stars with out numbers and it got me thinking. With so many new nostalgia and retro clones games being written and played based on older edition of D&D and AD&D. This is an excellent time for palladium books to make a resurgence. After all it started as a set of house rules to expand and customize 1e AD&D.

Despite all the internet rumblings about Palladium books, they really have put out a lot of really fun products in the last few years. System failure, Chaos earth, and Splicers, just to name a few.

Despite being known for power gaming paradise the whole character creation processes really is story driven. With a lot of work going into characters background and info.

Palladium system has been in print in one form or another since '83. Very few old school games have gone so long and still using the same system. While some don't like that fact and feel it needs to be updated. Personally I think its great that I just picked up 11 palladium books and as I started flipping through them I'm looking at the exact game I used to run near 15 years ago.  Does it get more nostalgia than that.

It also seems that Palladium books made a recovery from almost going under back in 2005 and was only saved because of its fans. Which is a testament in and of its self as to its fan base. Palladium was at Gen Con this year, first time in a long time. Palladium books is back on track reprinting a lot of its older books and bringing out not just new products but also its in house magazine "The Rifter". Seems Palladium is making its way back on to the gaming market. Maybe its not as big as it once was, But to its fans its a company worth sticking with and fighting for.


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