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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Reaping blade

The Reaping blades are relics of the past. Legends tell of 13 Clerics, members of a long forgotten cult who traveled the lands along the border of the gloomwoods, long before the litch Lord's push into the middle lands. Known for their ability to root out corruption and undead, laying undead to final rest.

Legends tell of day they banded together and road against the litch lords....never to be seen again.

A few of the blades have resurfaced over the years, but always seem to fade again into legend.

A reaping blade has all the attributes of a normal sword. With the exception of being priceless and Exotic.
When within 100' of an undead being or a corrupted soul the blade vibrates softly, often only noticeable to the carrier of reaping blade.

The reaping blades are seen as mysterious artifacts, weilders often theorize why the blade chooses when to erupt, but the reaping blades do not give up their mysteries.

Special : Any attack against undead adds a bonus of +2 stunt points then stunt points are generated.
Special: spending 2 stunt points and the Reaping blade erupts into flames. The flames do not harm living flesh. Undead take an extra +1d6 damage from attacks for the rest of a conflict or until extinguished by the wielder.

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