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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sgt. Sonny (shin) Shinwell, Cortex Prime

Sgt. Shinwell was part of the original Eco squad, before the spear's edge initiative. Shinwell was the lone survivor of the overrun of Chicago during operation Onyx wall. Sarcastically Nicked named "sunshine" by his men, because of his always serious demeanor. Nicknamed Shin when he is within earshot.

Physical D10
Social D6
Mental D8

Not on my watch
"If it's not a double tap, it's a love tap"
"Try not to die, I hate paperwork"
Would sacrifice himself to save his men
D4(+1pp) or D8 

Aim D8
Athletics D8
Dodge D8
Pilot D4
Fighting D10
Notice D8
Bluff D6
Command D8
Cool D12
Knowledge D10

Divine right combat shotgun D10
* SFX full spread, split effect die with a step down to up to two targets close together. Split effect die 3 times with two step downs to up to three targets close together. 
* SFX silver laced slug,  add a second effect die (usable on demons only).
* Flaw Completely out of ammo, must refresh ammo stock to use again. Step up the next use of Dodge skill and gain 1pp.
* Flaw gain malfunctions, this power can't be used til an action is used to repair. 1pp

Inspiration D8
* SFX give pep talk, after using command skill in an action, target character gains 1pp.
* SFX pull yourself together, target gets a step up on cool die to fear resistance roll for the rest of the scene.
* flaw Over confidence, 1pp to another player who agrees, target gets no assets or bonuses for cover and can't make a dodge skill roll on their next turn. 

Access to Intel d8
* SFX know your enemy, make a knowledge roll to create an ongoing D6 weakness asset to attacks against the same target.
* SFX Access maps and area information available to the mainframe.
* Flaw 1pp Bad Intel, gain 1pp, the mainframe was wrong. Maps or area knowledge is wrong, player describes how.

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