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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Cybernetics (Ubiquity) Quantum black

I've really come to like the Ubiquity system. I picked up Hollow earth Expedition, Desolation, League of Adventure, League of Gothic horror, and Quantum black. I feel like it's a quick and fun system.

I've been looking over the system to use it in other settings. With Cyberpunk being near and dear to my heart, I've been looking over Quantum black for use with Cyberpunk.

The more I read over talents the more I feel like they would work for cybernetic enhancements.

Tactical targeting system: Accuracy
Tactical targeting system 2: Long shot
Reflex enhancement: Agile
Tactical perception system: Alertness
Perception enhancement: Blind fighting.
Climbing Spikes: Climb
Neuro enhancement: Intelligent
Shock prevention resistor: iron jaw
Sense enhancement (any): keen sense
Blades,claws, reinforced: lethal blow
Move by wire limited: kip up, Quick draw
Move by wire: mobile attack
Move by wire 2: Quick reflexes
Medtech Nanites: Quick healer

And of course there are a few Cyberpunk classics that don't fit directly even though talents might have the same effect. Here are a few others.

Bonelace: natural Defense +2
Bonelace 2: natural Defense +3
Bone lace and plate: Defense +4
Neuro-interface "jack" for direct system interface.

The major advantages to cybernetics is they ignore prerequisites and restrictions of talents.

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