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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dramatic combat rules (Savage worlds)

I've been giving the quick combat rules some thought. On one hand I want to try them, on the other I just don't see myself only using them in a game. So I began thinking about how I could use both. When would the transition make sense?

So here is my idea, any time the player making an attack or combat roll of any kind aces a set number of times they get to go into quick combat mode as a kind of critical.

For example a GM could set the number at 4, any combat roll in that game that aces more that four times the player describes the dramatic combat by totally going Martin Riggs or john McClane and wrecking the whole scene.

Quick combat rules


  1. I could see that being an interesting option, but I actually really like those rules. They remind me a lot of the one roll resolution rule from Edge of the Empire, which I love for resolving weird side fights and diversions that the PCs get into.

    I like that you can partially hand wave a fight without completely taking all of the stakes out of it.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I also feel a crazy roll full of Aces is often wasted when it's rolled, but then the player rolls a 3 for damage.


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