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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Charlie Potts

This is another pregen character for an upcoming Call of Cthulhu 7E game.

Not a lot is known about Charlie. He was in the service, but doesn't like to talk about it.
After which he purchased a bar and has been running it ever since. Charlie has a way
Of being gruff and aloof, yet at the same time charming. Spending anytime around Charlie
Will prove that he is a deep thinker and we'll read. It takes a lot for anyone to get close to Charlie, once you do Charlie is as loyal as they come.

Charlie Potts (Modern era) Age unknown
Bar owner

Str 40-20-8
Con 60-30-12
Siz 50-25-10
Dex 50-25-10
App 60-30-12
Int 80-40-16
Pow 50-25-10
Edu 70-35-14

DB: 0 Luck: 60%, MP: 10, Hp: 11, San: 50, Credit: 60%

Charm 70% , Fast talk 50%, fighting 50%, firearm rifle 50%, history 40%, drive auto 40%  survival 40%.

Pilot 21%, stealth 40%, Listen 40%, firearm pistols 40%,

Charlie has a few old military buddies still in the know he can call on when needed.
Charlie has a brother who he doesn't talk to much, talked about even less. Charlie's brother is Sam Potts district attorney.

For Charlie his bar is his life. Nothing is more enjoyable to Charlie than just being a simple barkeep. Whether its serving a drink, polishing the stainless, moping the floor. It's all therapy to Charlie.
When stressed Charlie likes to field strip and clean his Rifles. 

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