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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mages Bow, Elven (5E D&D)

This well crafted elven bow acts as a +1 longbow in anyone's hands.

In the hands of a wizard it has an even deadlier side. Requires attunment by a mage for full effect. 

As the name of the bow is whispered into the string and the string is drawn an arrow of pure energy appears. Damage is that of a longbow but the damage type is radient.

If the wizard gives up a spell slot as the radiant arrow is fired some effects can be added. Only one spell slot can be expended on a single attack.

Level 1+ spell slot, treat the shot as a fired from a +2 bow.

Level 1+ spell slot, the damage type becomes the type of damage chosen by the wizard.

Level 2+ spell slot, add intelligence modifier to damage.

Level 3+ spell slot, gain advantage on the attack roll.

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