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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Black shield detectives (Cypher system)

Being law enforcement in a mega city is a hard job. Being a black shield is the hardest job. Black shield detectives are judge and jury. If your a beat cop and a black shield is on their way to back you up, you know your going to be ok. If your a criminal the last thing you want to see is a black shield officer. (Could very well be the last thing you see)

Black shields are licensed to keep the peace, investigate crimes, punish the guilty. 

As an NPC:

Level:8  Health:18. Attack:Medium Armor:3 speed: slow bike:fast  officers cypher pack. 

As a player:

Most Black shields will be vectors or spinners. With a rare few being paradox as members of the Psi division. 

All carry a medium service pistol. But are allowed custom equipment as needed.

All are issued a set of Justifier body armor (armor 3) with multi spectrum visor and air purifier filter.

All are issued a special issue enforcer cycle (armor 6, speed fast).

All are issued an officers pack: stimpack regen injector (4) shock grenades (4) flash grenades (4) insta-hack entry device.

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