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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Running 5E D&D using the siege engine.

Can the siege engine that powers castles and crusades be used to run 5E D&D?

I belive it can very easily. First assign prime attributes. One by class, second by choice.

Second ignore proficiency bonus (except for combat, more on this later).

If a player rolls on a skill he has add his level. Otherwise just d20+ability mod.

Proficiency bonus is now strictly to hit bonus for all classes.

Thats really it.

Now here is a twist:
Prime attributes add level to rolls.
Having a skill or not decides the difficulty of all rolls. 18 for not having a skill, 12 if you have it.


  1. Neat idea, but I'd go the other way. Use 5E's proficiency bonus in place of Primes.

    1. 5E adds proficiency. C&C adds level to rolls. Primes in C&C set the base difficulties of rolls. Not adds to rolls.

  2. You keep the classes of C&C and use the rules of the 5e?

    1. My idea is to use all of 5E but use C&C's rolling method.

  3. You keep the classes of C&C and use the rules of the 5e?

  4. You jeep the classes of C&C use the rules of the 5e?


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