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Monday, April 27, 2015

Attributes (Savage Worlds)

I've seen it asked many times. "If most active rolls in savage worlds is made on a skill roll, then why even have attribute scores?"

Lets take a look at attribute scores in the context of their function in Savage Worlds. What do they do? And are they pulling their weight as a function of the system.

First the most obvious. Attributes act as a limiter to skills who fall under their category. Climbing is a strength based skill, so buying climbing at a level greater than the characters rank in strength will cost two points each, rather than one.

Second attribute scores are factor in to derived attributes and formula. like toughness, as well as rolled along side a secondary die as melee damage. Attribute scores are a mesure of raw power or focus like range of a spell or limit for cyber tolerance.

Another often overlooked function of attributes is "saving throws". Overcome restraints? Strength roll. Dodge a bolder? Agility roll. Resist hypnosis?  Spirit roll. Resist poisons? Vigor roll.

I for one believe attributes pull their own weight. Their effect on savage worlds may not be as obvious and upfront as skills. But their effect and uses are no less important.

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