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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Soldier and Hunter class for Amazing Adventures

           I love all the classes in Amazing Adventures, I still feel that a few more could make great additions to the game. Notable a soldier class. Rather than reinventing the wheel I've decided to adapt some classed from Castles and Crusades instead.

Fighters are the obvious choice for a soldier class. With just a few adjustments a fighter is ready for pulp adventure. The only real changes need is clarification of class abilities:

Weapon specialization: This ability includes any weapon available to the soldier, Which is any. Firearms included.

Combat dominance: This ability only applies to melee and fisticuffs.

Extra attack: This ability applies to firearms, melee, and fisticuffs.

That is it, done.

        Another optional class I think could be fun is the Hunter. A combat oriented soldier, A pathfinder who stocks the wooded areas. For this ill just adapt the ranger class. With just a few changes to the original C&C ranger class.

Combat Marauder: This ability is now Combat marauder (Wis), A roll must be made first to study an enemy before gaining the damage bonus.

For the abilities of Neutralize poison, Move silent, Scale, Traps, Survival, and Track all work as they do for the ranger. No change.

Favored enemy: will instead be Familiar enemy and applies to dangerous animals and wild creatures in the wild. Knowledge and respect of ones enemy is what gives the Hunter its edge.


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  2. Hi,
    Rewrote my first comment. I've also thought Amazin Adventures needed a soldier class, but my approach would be different. I think of an early 20th century soldier as being trained to operate in a unit, trained to give and take orders, trained in small-unit tactics. These are more important than the strictly fighter abilities. So I'd go with some of the Knight skills, like inspire, embolden, demoralize and battlefield dominance. Think of the battle hardened WWI sergeant barking out commands and keeping his men on the firing line or leading them 'over the top.' I think the knight abilites would apply in that sense better. What 'cha think?

    1. Very good. I like your idea and will do a write up for it in the near future. Thank you!

  3. A soldier class in the Amazing Adventures companion.


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