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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fantasy races unlocked: Kobolds

New third party support for Castles and crusades! I'm happy to have in my hands. Fantasy races unlocked, this is the first in the line of additional races for Castles and crusades by Christina Stiles Presents, I for one am not disappointed.
Written and edited by Cristina stiles
Art, Layout, and Production by Peter Bradly
(Disclaimer: This with a lot of my mini reviews will be done in my usual gushing fanboy style.)

Being only four pages including cover, Acknowledgements, and OGL, the real meat and potatoes of this product is just two pages long. But its a good solid two pages.

Starting out the first page the Kobold race is fleshed out, with entries for Description, Society, Personality, Racial affinity, And environment. This "fluff" section feels just right. Its not too wordy or vague. Giving Players and CK's enough to work with to make Kobold players, NPCs, or Monsters.

On the second page is the "mechanics" of the race. This includes 6 racial abilities. Also included in this page are the usual attribute modifiers and class bonuses as found in any C&C race.

What really stands out in this product is the "Optional" section. This is a list of optional racial traits (6 to be exact) that can be traded for one of the 6 racial abilities in the above section. Each one replaces a specific racial trait in the "generic" kobold racial ability list. This adds a lot of variety to the race. Each option can represent a separate subrace, or a bloodline. Or possibly kobolds from different regions of the campaign world. There is a good chance some Kobold variants will make their way into my Amazing Adventures game as well. Change around a few racial abilities and Ive got all sorts of monsters for my next game.

And its only 2$ at! With more products for The castles and crusades game to be announced.


  1. Nice little review though with your first statement, you have effectively undermined all third party support that C&C had in the past. Granted most have come and gone but Goodman Games, James Mishler (on two different occasions), Green Ronin, and of course Brave Halfling Publishing and Arcana Creations have all given (and in some cases) still give C&C some love. The good news is that there is more on the horizon from Christina Stiles Presents and I can promise more from Arcana Creations as well. ;)

    1. No undermining intended. I have edited my first line. Most of the third party support was before my introduction to the game. So the fact that C&C has had support in the past slipped my mind. Please accept my apologies. And I look forward to more from Arcane Creations. Please keep me updated.... I would love to see what you have on the horizon.

  2. No worries -- there is something to be said about the original comment and there lies a grain of truth. Something I have wrestled with and what some fans should be asking is why third party support doesn't stick around. Another topic for another day. Thanks!


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