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Monday, May 6, 2013

"Titles" in Bare Bones Fantasy

I have been mulling around the idea of a sort of Prestige class effect for BBF. Something of a specialization bonus for focusing the characters study and Trainning.

For example: Paladin.
To become a paladin the character must be primary in either warrior or Cleric and have at least 3 ranks in the other.

The Title Paladin gives the character the ability to sense evil and undead. As well as a +1 damage bonus to both.

Here is a small list I think would be great fun.

Druid: Must have a rank in both Cleric and Scout. with either one being either primary or secondary.
Druids are have access to the transform spell and are treated as if 1 rank higher when casting it.

Warden: Must be primary in Scout and have at least one rank in Warrior and Cleric. Wardens subtract 20 from all STR requirements for the purpose of preventing spell casting.

Jester: Must be primary in Thief with at least one rank in Spellcaster. When casting Illusion or charm treat the Jester as one rank higher for resolving all effects.

Will be adding more as they come to me.

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