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Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazing Adventures

Just got my pre-order PDF of Amazing Adventures.

Flipping through it now, It looks great. I cant wait for the dead tree version hits my mail box. This game looks like its going to be great for most any modern game to me. Since most my games have a flair of pulp to them.

Pretty sure I'm going to use it for Call of Cthulhu. As well as other horror settings. The classes are pretty broad and should cover most the bases. Might even see a Supernatural (the show) or/and Leverage AA write up here on the blog here soon. 

I have been a fan of Jason (The Grey Elf) Vey's work for a while now. And I see his house rules made it into AA. Which is great too. 

This has gotten me inspired again, So hopefully that means some new material to this blog.

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