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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Warden and Priest, New classes for Castles and Crusades.

 Instead of creating from whole cloth I thought I would instead just patch these classes from the preexisting classes. So anyone with a players handbook could easily use them.

Wardens, Defenders of the wild places.

Wardens are the military arm of the Order of druids. Wardens are to the Druid orders what the clerics are to the priesthood.

Prime: Wisdom
Alignment:  Any neutral
HD: D8
Bth: as Cleric
EPP: as Cleric
Spells/day: as Cleric
Spell selection: as Druid
Weapons: as Ranger
Armor: as Druid, Plus the use of shields.

At level 1: Nature lore as a Druid.
At level 2: Resist elements as Druid.
At level 6: Totem shape as Druid.

Priests, Beacons of Light

Priests are divine spell casters. They do not have the military training that clerics have. But they have a larger arsenal of spells.

Prime: Wisdom
Alignment:  Any
HD: D4
Bth: as Wizard
EPP: as Wizard
Spells/day: as Wizard
Spell selection: as Cleric
Weapons: as Wizard
Armor: as Wizard

At level 1: Lay on hands as Paladin.
At level 3: Turn undead as Cleric.
At level 12: Divine healing as Paladin.

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