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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My thoughts on the d6 system

For one the d6 system holds fond memories for me from the starwars RPG. Although the d6 starwars has been out of print for some time now its still got a very loyal following. Its rather light for a system that can do so much.
I think in its early incarnation in the starwars system most people would call it an old school system. Maybe not 70s D&D old school, But still a pillar system that a lot of our hobby stands on.

And now its OGL. Thank Eric Gibson for that. No matter how you about his and west end games rocky history he has given our hobby a great gift. Thank you Eric Gibson!

And Thank you AntiPaladin games. They took the basics of the d6 system and made it into a little fast and easy to play game game.

I think for a little bit I'm going to concentrate on some d6 content. So stay tuned for more on d6.

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