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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Modern20 Vampires

As a big fan of the Dresden Files book series I have really been thinking about running a game in it. Or in a modern fantasy setting very influenced by it.

Vampires Play a big part of the Dresdenverse, And I don't think that should be different in my setting. I really like the different types of vampires in the Dresdenverse. Vampires come in three larger species and a number of smaller ones. I really like this approach.

First off though I am going to come up with a basic vampire template. I have chosen to make the vampire template an occupation.

Vampires are creatures of the night. They are predators among human kind. Some embrace the beast and revel in being a monster seeing vampirism as a blessing. Others hold on to any shred of their old life and do all they can to hold on to their humanity, to them vampirism is a curse.
Professional skills: Influence, Perception, and Stealth.
Improved Feats: Strength training (+2 Str), Agility training (+2 Agi), Awareness (+2), and Dodge focus (+2 Def).

White Court Vampires: White court vampires are not as powerful as other vampires. But they do not have any of the drawbacks others do either. White court vampires feed off of emotions of their victims. Strong emotions of fear, hate or lust being the food of choice. When a white court is provoked he must pass a willpower roll (14) or his appearance will shift. His eyes become a steel gray and all color fades from his face and skin and it becomes almost transparent. Gray and black veins show through his skin.

Black Court Vampires: These vampires are closer to what we know as vampires. Feeding on blood, repelled by holy symbols and destroyed by sunlight. Many believe Bram stoker was influenced by the white court to write his great book to expose and destroy the black court. Black court vampires gain a +2 to starting strength and gain a natural damage reduction of 2. Black court vampires start with disadvantage: weakness sunlight (3), taking 2D6 damage from direct sunlight. disadvantage: weakness holy symbols (1) repelled.

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