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Monday, May 16, 2011

Modern20 part 3.

As well as changing around feats and adding some Modern20 adds disadvantages to the d20 system. Which I think is great. After all making a hero is easy. But with out flaws its hard to make a flawed hero. Flawed heroes and anti-heroes are a staple of the modern game.

Another great change is the elimination of critical hits. Instead there is a hit location system that takes into account extra damage for hits to vital areas. As well as a system for called shots.

Another concept I really like is the use of  Action Points
 "Action Points are that certain something that makes a hero a hero. That spark that causes someone to go out of their way to risk their life for their fellow man, whether fighting terrorists, drug smugglers or creatures of the night."
Action Points can perform the following functions:
• Automatically inflict maximum damage on a successful attack.
• Add the result of your Action Dice to a single d20
    roll (attack roll, skill check, saving throw).
• Automatically stabilize at negative HP
• Grant you an extra action (move or standard action) this round.
The number of action dice you receive grows as your character gains in level as shown on the table below. All dice are rolled and added together.

  Level             Action Dice
1-4                      1D4
5-8                       2d4
9-12                     3d4
13-16                   4d4
17-20                   5d4
"Your total number of Action Points is equal to 6 plus one-half your character level. Each time you gain a level your Action Points reset to your new total. Action Points do not carry over from level to level.
Between levels, there are several ways to recover Action Points including: going to aid of a contact or follower; going to aid of an Allegiance; the activation of a character disadvantage."

Ok, now for my concerns with using Modern20 in my own games. Most class abilities are now feats and progression in feats is a lot heavier with one new feat per level, Like with true20. This is actually something I don't like, Although this should be no problem for most all d20 players. Feat, hit point, and number bloat is one of the things that turned me off of the d20 system to begin with.

So my next post will be how I plan to use Modern20 in my next game.


  1. Enjoying these posts quite a bit!

  2. I'm enjoying reading these. I plan to run my first game in Modern^20.


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