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Monday, March 14, 2011


In my last post I Gave a very quick over view of what mini-six is. Ill go over it again and in a bit more depth with this post. As well as how to use it in a slightly different way.

Mini-Six is a condensed version of the westend games D6 system. Its the system that was used in the westend games Starwars. One change to the system, or more an addition to the system is set defenses, much like savage worlds or cinematic unisystem. Rather than all combat being opposed rolls, combat can be rolled against a set number based on the player/npc/monster abilities. To me this is nice since that is the one complaint I always had about the system. Combat can take a while and involve adding up a lot of die on both attack and defense.

Now that D6 has become OpenD6 it is now OGL. A few different companies are planning to use it, Two most notable to me are mini-Six and C6 (Cinematic six).

I Was reading over Mini-Six and hit the side bar about running Mini-Six with out Attributes. And something hit me. Mini-six could be played like Risus or Warrior, Rogue, and Mage. Rather than Attributes and skills why not just use descriptors.

Much like Warrior, Rogue, And Mage (awesome rules-lite game btw) you could just assign die to a descriptor. For example you could spread 9 die around the descriptions Warrior, Rogue, And Mage.
Say I was making a character who was good at swinging a sword, but better at thievery, Knew a little magic but not much could be: Warrior 3D, Rogue 4D, Mage 2D. Any action that falls into the realm of one of these classes uses the die assigned to that descriptor to make a test.

It just shows me how versatile the d6 system is. Add attributes, Add skills, Or play with out either.

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