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Thursday, November 18, 2010

4E Rituals Options (resizing Magic Items)

I'm really reading over my 4E books. When I first got them I read just enough to learn how to play and we jumped right in. I ran a few games, and every one seemed to have a lot of fun.

Now with my little break right now I'm going back and reading some of the sections I just skimmed before. Like rituals. While I can see a lot of promise in most of them the rules for Disenchanting and enchanting Magic Items really seem interesting.

I had an idea. What if you could re-size magical items. Not physical size but level of an item.

If you had an item you really liked, say a level 3 thundering weapon. And you start to out grow it. by hitting level 8. But you really like your thundering weapon. Instead of disenchanting it or selling it you could use enchant weapon to re-size it.

The cost would be enough residuum to pay the difference between the previous cost of the item and the new cost of the item.  A level 4 thundering weapon costs 840g and a level 8 costs 3400g. So to re-size the weapon from levels 4 to 8 the cost would be 175g for the ritual plus 2560g worth of residuum for the difference in cost.

The usual restrictions apply. You cant raise the level of an item higher than your own level.

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