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Monday, April 29, 2013

BareBones Cyberpunk

In my last post I did a mini review of BareBones fantasy RPG.

Ever since I read the book I have had it in my mind that the system needs a Cyberpunk hack. I'm not sure why, it just seemed like a good fit.

The biggest part of a cyberpunk hack would be a hack of the skills. Since this is my hack and aimed at the type of game I would run, some of this hack will be very specific.


StreetRonin (1/4 Str+1/4 Wil +10/rank): Melee weapons, Gather street info, Street credibility, Intimidation. At rank 5 a second melee attack can be made at full skill.

Professional (1/2 Dex+10/rank):Marksmanship, hand to hand, and Athletics. At rank 3 recoil on a second shot is -20 rather than -30. At rank 5 a second small arms attack can be made at full skill.

Hacker(1/4log+1/4Wil+10/rank): Interface, Control device, Gather cyber info, and Cyber combat.

Techi (1/2Log+10/rank): Repair, Build, Drive, control.

MediTech(1/2Log+10/rank):First aid, Surgery,

Face(1/2 Wil+10/rank): Negotiations, Barter, Con, Fast talk, and Socialize.

An unwritten rule is perception, I would just assume that each skill is also a unique form of perception. After all a StreetRonin would know that the guy in the suit looks out of place in the bad part of town and would be first to notice. A hacker would notice if a program has been tampered with. A soldier could take a guess where an enemy received his training.

Firearms rules. On this I don't want to add a lot and make a good streamline system complex. Other than the penalty for a second attack is -30 because of recoil.

Maybe in my next post I'll work on some example weapons and gear.

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