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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dabler, Talent (AGE system)


Rogue & Warrior
Willpower 2+
Intellect 2+

Though not a mage. You have a nack, training, or bloodline that has brought you some small magical ability.

You have a magic pool of magic points 5+Willpower+1d6. You have a spell power of 8+willpower. Choose a magic arcana, gain one of the two novice level spells of that arcana.

You gain 5 magic points. Your spell power is raised by one. Take the second novice level spell of your arcane.

You gain 5 magic points. Your spell power is raised by one. You gain the journeyman level from your arcana.

Mages Bow, Elven (AGE system)

Looks like a well crafted elven bow. In the hands on a non-mage the bow acts as a nornal long bow with a magical +1 to accuracy.

In the hands of a mage it becomes a focus for arcane blast. As the mage pulls the string back they can simultaneous cast arcane blast. A arrow formed of pure magic will appear.

Firing the bow draws 5 magic from the mage. The arcane blast gains the range of the bow and doubles willpower for purposes of damage. Spell stunts apply.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tattoo mage, Specialization (AGE system)

Tattoo Mage

Willpower (2)
Willpower (self discipline)

Pick one spell that you know. That spell is now tattooed on your body. All costs to cast this spell is one lower in magic points.

Pick a second spell to also be tatooed. When casting tattooed spells the mage can spend both health and spell points to fuel them. If health is used the spell power is at +1 for resisting the spell.

Master: Pick a third spell you know to be a tattoo. If all health is used to cast a tattooed spell the spell is at +2 to spell power (total) for the casting. And add +1d6 to the spells damage if it's a damaging spell.

Fetish crafting talent (AGE system)

You are skilled in the crafting of magical fetishes.

Intellect (crafting) 2+.

You are skilled in the crafting of magical fetishes. You can craft Battery fetishes up to 10mp. You can craft up to level 2 Foci. You can craft up to level 3 Charms.

You are skilled in the crafting of even more poweful fetishes. You can craft Battery fetishes up to 20mp. You can craft up to level 3 Foci. You can craft up to level 4 Charms.

You are skilled in the crafting of very powerful fetishes. You can craft Battery fetishes up to 30mp. You can craft up to level 4 Foci. You can craft up to level 5 Charms.

For information on magical fetishes.

Seeks enlightenment through the sword (Kensai, Sword saint), Foci (cypher system)

Foci: Seeks Enlightenment through the sword (Kensai)

You have trained with a bladed weapon. Most likely a sword or a large knife. Your training goes well beyond physical and mental discipline, Your ability with your blade is spiritual.

Minor Effect Suggestion: You can attempt an intimidating task to cause your foe to immediately surrender.

Major Effect Suggestion: Your foe pauses, terrified by your prowess, and takes no action on his turn.

Tier 1: 
Blade in hand: You inflict 1 additional point of damage with your blade of choice. Enabler.

Practiced with your blade: You are practiced with using blades and suffer no penalty when
using one. Enabler.

Tier 2: Spirit guided blade: You can spend points from either your Speed Pool or your Intellect
Pool to apply levels of Effort to increase your bladed weapon damage. Each level of Effort adds
3 points of damage to a successful attack, and if you spend a turn in prayer/meditation, each level of Effort adds 5 points of damage to a successful attack instead. Enabler.

Tier 3: Turning the blade: After using Spirit guided blade and meditating for one turn add one free level to effort to speed defense against other melee weapons.

Tier 4: Flash of blades: You can make two Bladed weapon attacks as a single action, but the second
attack is modified by two steps to your detriment. Enabler.

Tier 5: Legendary swordsman: You can choose
from one of two benefits. Either you are
trained in using your bladed weapon (or specialized if you
are already trained), or you have the Spinning slash ability, which costs 3 Speed points: 
you can use  your weapon at up to three targets (all next to one another, within range) as a single
action. Make a separate attack roll against each target. The difficulty of each attack is
increased by one step. Enabler (being trained in using your blade) or action (Spinning slash).

Tier 6: Death dealer: You deal 2 additional points of damage with your chosen bladed weapon.
This is on top of the damage from the Blade in hand ability, giving you a total of 3 additional points of damage. Enabler.

Thank you +Michael K for the name!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Hulk (Cypher system)

Just a quick and dirty build. I'm sure there is a better way to do the hulk, this is just off the cuff.

The Hulk is an Intelligent Exporer who Rages.

Special abilities:
Muscles of Iron*
No need for weapons*
Fleet footed*

Power shifts:
(3) Strength*
(2) Resilience*

* all are tied to frenzy (Hulk form).

This actually looks pretty solid in that both explorer and Intelligent with gain mr. Banner a lot of intellect based skills....all of which are useless once he rages.

Thor (Cypher system)

Once again this is just my off the cuff quick and dirty build for Thor.
And of all things Tier 1.

Thor is a Noble Warrior who rides the lightning.

Special abilities:
Practiced in armor
Extra edge
* abilities tied to hammer.

Power shifts:
(2)Power: bash when using hammer.

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