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Monday, September 19, 2016

Rippers: Resurrected, first look.

When the original Rippers first came out I had to have it. Rippers quickly became my favorite setting, at the time I was running nothing but Savage worlds....and a lot of Rippers.

As much as I loved the setting in the core book I equally hated the plot point that came in it. In my opinion the plot point destroyed the replayability of the game.

When the relaunch (resurrection) of Rippers was announced I was pretty exited, but getting in on the Kickstarter just wasn't in the cards for me.

Today I finally got my hands on the player and GM Guides.

These new guides are gorgeous. The art, layout, and feel of the books are perfect. I love the new two core book format. The plot point in the GM guide is a sequel to the original, which I find a weird choice.
The new books look to have more information and at least seems better organized.

I really look forward to getting a game of Rippers going again.

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